ghost towns

  • No One Wants to Live in the Arctic City of Vorkuta Anymore

    Ideas the local council has come up with in order to boost the town's profile have included a proposal to use the area for nuclear tests and restoring the gulag into a leisure park.

  • I Visited the Lake Town That LA Turned into a Salt Flat

    The Owens Valley dust bowl was an ecological disaster with far-reaching consequences, and it was caused by the creation of Los Angeles. Today, industry would love to march right into a similar ecological disaster.

  • No One Lives in Burma's Capital City

    Welcome to Naypyidaw, the capital of Burma. In 2005, the country's military dictator moved the capital from Yangon (a.k.a. Rangoon) to Naypyidaw in a megalomaniacal fit. Eight years later, it's still pretty much empty.