Welcome to 'Introducing', where we get acquainted with Britain's weird and wonderful new subcultures. 
  • Introducing: The Polyamorous Fuckboy

    The classic fuckboys of the past are now hiding under a cloak of terms like “relationship anarchy” and "non-monogamy".

  • Introducing: The Corporate Wellness Bro

    He goes to Burning Man and microdoses shrooms to increase productivity at work. Say hello to the man who will ruin your chakras.

  • Introducing: The Gourmand

    Does your friend know far too much about sous vide, Japanese knives and the hottest small plate restaurants in town for their own good?

  • Introducing: The Zillennial Capitalist

    The devil hustles hard, but these girlbosses and crypto bros hustle harder.

  • Introducing: Techwear Camping Guy

    He's doing pills on a Friday night and a big walk on Sunday – all while wearing some Salomon shoes and an Arc'teryx Dume Coat.

  • Introducing: The 70s Revivalists

    You may see them walking up Kingsland Road like they're on their way to Whiskey-a-Go-Go, but they’re actually just off down the pub.