Jon Benjamin

  • Happy Crappy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Music on 'Bob's Burgers'

    How does one of the funniest shows on TV come up with its musical numbers? Creator Loren Bouchard and writer Nora Smith walk us through the process for this week's "Happy Crappy."

  • Jon Benjamin

    Jon's been lying to his son about being British for the last nine years.

  • The Best of 'Tech Talk'

    Because digging through the sorrow and frustration of the winter months is a pain in the neck, back and face, it seemed only appropriate to use what little energy I've got to pour another cup of coffee, do the world a small service and dust off _Mark...

  • A Conversation With the Porn Rangers

    I put my headphones on and began to watch a hirsute man, probably early 40s, receive oral sex from a thin-lipped woman of commensurate age. The byline in block letters read, “BJ From the Wife.”