• Kubbeh Halab Recipe

    Enrobe a spiced lamb ragu in saffron-infused rice, then deep-fry until golden and serve with a tangy raisin romesco sauce in this essential Middle Eastern recipe.

  • Laarb Recipe

    Season hand-cut lamb loin with an aromatic, nuanced toasted seasoning paste, then serve with sesame crackers, showered with fresh herbs, pine nuts and fried shallots in this Thai salad.

  • Lamb Tibs Recipe

    Marinate lamb with garlic, rosemary, and cardamom, then quickly cook until juicy and tender in this treasured Ethiopian staple.

  • All Hail the Spiedie, the Greatest Sandwich on Earth

    Spiedies are deceptively simple: marinated meat on a roll and nothing more. But biting into one is a life-changing experience.

  • Riz a Jej (Lebanese Chicken & Rice) Recipe

    For this classic Lebanese dish, flavor ground lamb and rice with warm, aromatic spices, then finish with juicy rotisserie chicken and a medley of nuts and seeds.

  • Lamb Dibi (Senegalese Grilled Lamb) Recipe

    Tender lamb and sweet onions are marinated overnight, then grilled and served with a tangy mustard sauce in this classic Senegalese street food.