• How a Troll Is Just Like a Troll

    The original meaning of a troll is found in Scandinavian mythology, in which trolls are “creatures bent on mischief and wickedness.”

  • When Bradley Manning Spoke

    Manning has been imprisoned without trial for over 1,000 days. Only during yesterday's testimony, he owned up to his crimes, explaining to the world why he willingly released materials that have changed history—if not in the way he'd originally...

  • John Kiriakou Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Transparency Under Obama

    When he enters a federal prison on Friday, John Kiriakou will be the only former CIA agent prosecuted in relation to the Bush White House's torture program, but not for committing torture.

  • The Torture of Bradley Manning

    If there’s a bad time to discuss holiday shopping, it’s while waiting for someone to describe being tortured. I was soaking wet and still half asleep when our driver turned to the back seat of the press shuttle and said something so totally irrelevant...

  • Bradley Manning's Saga Keeps Getting Sadder

    You'd wind up on suicide watch even sooner.

  • Sorry, Not On the Guest List

    You'll hear a lot about bin Laden, but here are six names you won't hear mentioned at the DNC.