population control

  • The Feral Cats of Disneyland

    Approximately 100 free-roaming cats live in the Happiest Place on Earth, where they're quietly fed, vaccinated, and neutered by Disney employees.

  • 75 Million Catholics Just Got Free Birth Control

    The Philippine Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a controversial law allowing the government to hand out free condoms and contraception.

  • Vasectomies LIVE!

    This year, a group of vasectomy enthusiasts in Adelaide will be broadcasting live vasectomies on the Internet to try encourage wider and more open discussion about male contraception and population control.

  • Will Charging People Money to Have Kids Save the World from Overpopulation?

    The world population is set to hit 7.2 billion by next month and estimated to reach nearly 11 billion by 2100, which will put a strain on the limited amount of natural resources the planet has left. I spoke to Michael E. Arth, an urban designer...