• Crab Fried Rice Recipe

    Crisp grains of leftover rice, then allow them to soak up a simple and flavorful crab curry of tamarind, coconut milk, and a mix of curry powders in this Sri Lankan-Chinese recipe.

  • Salty Cashew Blondies Recipe

    Double-roast cashews and coat them in toffee to add a salty crunch to Claire Saffitz’s rich and chewy blondie recipe.

  • Gutjuri 겉절이 (Fresh Greens Kimchi) Recipe

    Utilize your favorite spring and summer greens in this simple, quick kimchi.

  • Quick and Easy Cacio e Pepe Recipe

    The classic Roman pasta dish gets a glow-up with the addition of subtly spicy pink peppercorns and goat butter.

  • Easy Corn Dogs and Homemade Mustard Recipe

    The quintessential state fair snack is revitalized with a crispy buttermilk-cornmeal batter and a tangy homemade mustard.

  • Street-Style Tteokbokki Recipe

    Stir-fry rice cakes until crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, then toss with golden pork belly and a sweet and spicy gochujang sauce in this classic Korean street food recipe.

  • Cold Sesame Yuba "Noodles" Recipe

    Use sliced tofu skin in place of noodles in this quick, pantry-friendly meal.

  • Easy Amatriciana Pasta Recipe

    Crispy cured pork and a simple tomato sauce are tossed with al dente rigatoni in this rustic Italian pasta dish.

  • Rigatoni alla Carbonara Recipe

    Make this fool-proof Roman pasta recipe by tossing a sauce of gently cooked egg yolks, pecorino cheese, and freshly ground black pepper with al dente pasta and crispy guanciale.

  • Celery Root Au Poivre Recipe

    Give celery root the steakhouse treatment by pan-searing and roasting it, then serve drizzled with plenty of rich and spicy peppercorn sauce.

  • Easy Chopped Salad Recipe

    Homemade crispy, garlic croutons and an herbaceous dressing make for a flavorful, crunchy, and simple salad, good for just about any occasion.

  • Vodka Cranberry Sauce Recipe

    Spiking your cranberry sauce will make dealing with your relatives at the holidays a whole lot easier.