sexual deviance

  • Gone in a Flash: When Women Are Exhibitionists

    Exhibitionism is commonly associated with men in trench coats lurking in dark alleyways, but some women get off on exposing their genitalia in public, too. We asked sexologists how men and women may be treated differently for the same sexual act.

  • Men Are Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment, Too

    For five years now, a friend of mine has been telling me stories about an older male coworker who asks him unsolicited questions about his junk—on a daily basis.

  • What's Your Sexual Dealbreaker?

    What would you do if your sexual partner puts on a rabbit mask, hands you a string of pearls, and whispers, "I want this to be a special night. Can you put these in my ass and pull them out really fast? REALLY fast."