• Was Stonehenge the Ultimate Rock Gig?

    Researchers suggest the stones in the prehistoric monument may have been selected for their sonic qualities.

  • Making Friends at Stonehenge for the End of the World

    Throughout my time at Stonehenge I met hippies, Norse gods, ancient kings, bygone warriors, conspiracy theorists, senile Druids, schizophrenics, witches, wizards, demons, hackers, viking families, trance-heads, and even a guy who thought he was a...

  • The Raving Outlaw Biker-Druids and Their 1575-Year-Old King

    Since the 80s, King Arthur and his biker-druid followers have been protesting in support of the environment, druids' rights, and establishing open access to Stonehenge. These days, you can find him and his partner, the High Priestess, campaigning in...