The Explorers Club

  • Munchies Presents: Mammoth

    This is the definition of "mystery meat."

  • I Ate Iguana and Venomous Lionfish with New York’s Elite

    The Explorer's Club’s famous dinner is reputed to be like something out of Andrew Bergman's The Freshman, with a hearty dash of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure.

  • We Spend the Day with a Donald Trump Impersonator on Today's 'Daily VICE'

    Then i-D shares Rashaad Newsome's latest multimedia project and MUNCHIES takes us to the Explorers Club's annual dinner to dine on some invasive aquatic species.

  • How to Cook Bugs: Waxworms

    In the final installment of our Cooking with Bugs series, we ask insect-cooking expert David George Gordon, author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook and chef-de-cuisine at the annual Explorers’ Club dinner in New York, how to eat waxworms. Hint: White...

  • How to Cook Bugs: Scorpions

    It's almost impossible to avoid the deluge of headlines promising that insects are the future's great sustainable protein that will save our planet. But what if we simply took insects for what they are—ingredients? We spoke to one of the world's...