The Vice Guide to Copenhagen

“The Vice Guide to Copenhagen” goes beyond designer chairs, tourist maps and royal gardens to get closer to the beating heart of the Danish capital.
  • VICE Guide to Copenhagen - Refshaleøen

    From the freewheelin bar Baby Baby, which builds water slides instead of power supplies, to progressive gourmet restaurant Amass, we meet the people who are taking over this abandoned industrial island.

  • VICE Guide to Copenhagen - Nordhavn

    We talk to Thomas Dambo, who calls himself a “recycle art activist”, about how he sources materials and inspiration in his neighbourhood Nordhavn in Copenhagen.

  • VICE Guide to Copenhagen - Nørrebro

    Pardis Pourahmad, a local activist who came to Denmark from Iran, has built her bar Kimia as a safe space for women who want to party and dance without the fear of prying eyes or sexual harassment. We follow Pardis and her friends around Nørrebro and hear