• Four Years of Austerity in 40 Pictures

    Dimitris Michalakis' series depicts the social impact of austerity in Greece, and serves as a snapshot into almost half a decade dominated by headlines about social polarity, debt, and economic crisis.

  • The IMF's Admission That Austerity Has Failed Is Going to Make the G8 Pretty Awkward

    Today, David Cameron will chair the G8 in Northern Ireland. While he's there, he'll be dodging awkward questions about the virtues of austerity—a couple of weeks after the culprits behind the biggest experiment in austerity's history admitted that it...

  • The Greek Government Tried and Failed to Close Their PBS

    On Tuesday, it was announced that the ERT—Greece's public television network—would be closed down as part of austerity measures the country agreed to when it was bailed out in 2010. Soon after the announcement was made, laid-off workers returned to...

  • Europe's On Fire Again

    A handy little roundup of the Europe-wide anti-austerity protests.

  • The Greek Police Got to Use Their Shiny New Water Cannon

    Yet again, the familiar sight of Greeks fighting Greeks hit the news on Wednesday as protesters clashed with riot police in Athens. One hundred thousand protesters crammed into Syntagma Square on the second day of a 48-hour strike, coinciding with a...