Volume 12 Issue 10

  • Hooligans: A Formula for Self-Destruction

    I accompanied Ukrainian hooligans to fights from September 2012 to August 2013 and watched as they injured themselves in the throes of a subtle, almost subliminal form of nationalism.

  • The Paris Serial Killer Guy Georges Was My Photo Assistant

    In October 1994, I worked alongside a murderer, through whom I met Guy Georges, the "East Paris serial killer."

  • Mazel Tov!

    Berel is a Hasidic Jew who I always see hanging around at parties and stuff. I asked him what it's like to be "of the people" and he invited me to go to a real-life Hasidic wedding with him. So we hopped in a car with a couple other Hasids and headed...

  • Doomsday Metal

    Whaddayouknow! A Danish survey showed that experts are used in papers and press more than ever before, and that they are pathologically S U B J E C T I V E.I will, only partly, be THAT honest

  • Journalism Beyond Journalists

    Robert Young Pelton used to run a major marketing firm and occasionally take a couple weeks off to go on little travel expeditions. Then one day he realized he was bored out of his mind and began sneaking his way into war-zones and other no-man's-lands...

  • Eat Shit

    There's this wacky guy, Baby Blonde (he's a Kiss fan btw), and he says he has tasted the four building blocks of nasty, Piss, Shit, Jizz, and Puke. He claims they really aren't as disgusting as you might think. I got inspired by his stupidity, and...

  • Bad Friends Are Good Friends

    Las Malas Amistades is a loosey-goosey collective of Colombian artists who get together every couple of years and make music. It's all very four-tracky and simple, earnest and poppy. It's kind of like if the Young Marble Giants sang in Spanish and didn...

  • Skinema

  • Back Of The Tram

    It's pretty cool that we have trams in Melbourne. The only other place I'm aware of that has trams is San Fransisco and after doing a cursory Google search, it appears my knowledge is extensive. Taking trams rules over taking buses because they don't...

  • Back Of The Bus

    Everyone rides the subway in New York. Only poor old cripples ride the bus. But I just moved from yuppies-everywhere Park Slope to yuppies-by-the-water-and-largest-projects-in-Brooklyn-everywhere-else Red Hook. I'm not too scared of the projects, but I...

  • Don't Have To Live Like A Refugee

    To walk into the Red Cross hurricane evacuation shelter at the Baton Rouge River Center is to be assaulted by rapid-fire hand sanitizer. The Americorps chick with her hemp necklace and plug earrings pumps a slick, sick-smelling glob on your palms at...

  • How To Buy A Gun

    Milan, October 14th. 1.45 pmI'm sitting in a bar on the outskirts of town. The décor is squalid. Over at the fruitmachines an old guy with a moustache has already stuck around 100 euros in the machine