Volume 13 Issue 10

  • Filipino Gangs

    The Sputnik gang is the biggest in the Philippines. It’s so enormous that it’s difficult to keep track of all the smaller, weaker branches at the bottom of its hierarchy.

  • Laughter Yoga

    I was in Mumbai a little while ago, so I visited the Laughter Yoga club. That's this type of yoga where they meet in the park every morning and basically have group hysterics. It's not a club or anything-it's just a bunch of guys who get together and...

  • Falun Gong And Me

    Chinatown: New York's Seward Park is a riot of incredibly fit senior citizens by 6 AM every day. Near the north end of the park, a tai chi group of about 40 members practices to a stereo blasting pentatonic music.

  • Stompers Reunion

    In June 2006, between 20 and 30 students from a technical college in Bangkok, Thailand, were gathered at a bar. A man who did not know these students made a disrespectful comment which led to the man’s death.

  • Cambodian Returnee Gangsters

    In 2002, Cambodia and the US had a meeting and Cambodia agreed to take back its refugees. Cambodian refugees who were released from prison that year had a choice: They could return to Cambodia or try to receive immigrant status from the US.

  • The Downsides Of Cocaine

    A few weeks ago I got a call from my dad saying my cousin had been murdered in a Colombian cartel slaying. He was found in a jeep abandoned on a highway, its engine still running, along with two other bodies.

  • Cult Rapture

    The overwhelming, grey shittiness of Margaret Thatcher's Britain and its depressing soundtrack of soft rock, manufactured pop and pretentious indie is to blame for the cult of what we now know as "noise" music.

  • I Joined Three Cults Simultaneously

    VICE made me join three cults for this issue: Adidam, the Moonies, and Aleph. Since Adidam tops the list of "controversial groups" at cult watchdog Rick Ross's website, I figured it'd be the best place to start.

  • Tidbits

    We know you think your shit don’t stink but you can’t be sure until you clean it with dudu soap. It gets out those deep, brown shit stains that shit holds on to like its life depended on it.

  • I Was A Crip ... Sort Of

    I'm pretty sure I was a member of the blue-wearing gang, the Crips, from 2001 to 2002. I was on a lot of drugs then and have a piss poor recollection of all things, but I got a good feeling I was in the gang.

  • Games

    This is worth getting if only for the way you can drive around London for more than five minutes without being stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Voodoo Music

    The new Gang Gang Dance record sounds like something a cult leader might play to new recruits so as to hypnotise them and ease them into cutting off the rest of the world and never having any contact with their family members ever again.