Volume 14 Issue 6

  • Significant Others

    When you first find love it makes you skip to the post office or wink at a German shepherd. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you will do both at the same time. You have met a person who shares your love for Rufus Wainwright and you wonder how the light and...

  • Practice Space

    This month on Practice Space we met up with Espers, Sweatheart, Holy Fuck, The Honorary Title and A-Sides

  • Thumbs Up!

    The VBS show Thumbs Up! follows David Choe (our favorite Korean American ex-criminal/genius artist/daring world traveler) and his sidekick Harry Kim (a.k.a. Horny Kim a.k.a. Guam Cruise a.k.a. Igloo Hong) as they travel from coast to coast across...

  • Zombie Town

    Haiti is the poorest country of the West Indies, and the slums of Port-au-Prince are some of the worst in the world.

  • It Happened

    In March, Michael Jackson held an exclusive “fan appreciation day” in Tokyo where 300 lucky people got to line up and be led one by one into a teeny room where they would have the chance to spend 30 seconds of face time with “The Gloved One”—all for...

  • Spikin'!

    I’m never going to try heroin. I hate needles. I hate feeling sleepy and smug at the same time.

  • Vice Fashion - Showing Off

    Photos by Louise EnhörningStyling by Lisa SundströmRabbit exhibitions are deadly serious events. There are classes

  • Records

    LIL WAYNE Da Drought 3Well, it's official. 2007 is the worst year for rap music in recent memory. What are we supposed to talk about here? Mike Jones's new album? Lil Flip?

  • Electric Independence

    With a name as good as Passarella Death Squad, it was only a matter of time before this London three-piece got round to releasing an amazing record. Well, folks, that time is now. Having formed in November 2003, it has taken them nearly four years, but...

  • Yo Mamma’s a Freak 2

  • Oh My Fucking God

    When I’m sitting all alone in my room and I’ve got bored of beating off I dream of this perfect band that mixes the rawness of The Germs and The Wipers, the couldn’t-give-a-shit anger of Black Flag and Reagan Youth but sort of with the dancey bits of...

  • Vice Comics

    Eight years ago, East Timor broke away from Indonesia after a brutal 20-year occupation ... and, before that, centuries of Portuguese colonial rule.