Volume 16 Issue 3

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Copenhagen & Helsinki

    The days of moronic sneaker dudes with colorful shoelaces are long gone. Guys won't be caught dead in anything other than muted, somber colors.

  • David Chambers

    You have almost certainly never heard of David Chambers, but he makes suits for some of the best-dressed people in the world, from David Bowie to Terence Conran, with a long semi-secret list of other clients.

  • Brogue Bros

    There is a famous fable from the UK northern-soul scene, from around the time the skinhead look first became popular in about 1969 or 1970.

  • Barbara Hulanicki

    What started as a mail-order business run out of Barbara Hulanicki’s flat quickly turned into a cult fashion line in which virtually every piece sold out as soon as it hit the shelf.

  • More Than Fashion

    A sought-after darling of the fashion world, nominated three times for “Man of the Year” by GQ magazine, and Kanye West’s personal go-to guy for his new Pastelle label, Kim Jones is a modern fashion giant.

  • Corpse Breath

    We were at London Fashion Week to cover it for the Viceland.com blog because people told us that “fashion blogging” is really big at the moment.

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - Montreal & Mexico City

    Boys in Montreal are keeping it pretty monochrome these days. The more adventurous will accessorize with the occasional bright pop of color, but mostly things are pretty murky.

  • Vice Fashion - Connie Chiu

    Photos by Camilla StephanStyling by Hanna Kisch/Kid of TomorrowConnie Chiu is a Chinese albino from Hong Kong who was raised in

  • The Bitter Tears of Amy Wesson

    Photos by Stacey Mark, Styling by Jaclyn Hodes.

  • Rick Owens

    The last person I saw wearing a Rick Owens leather jacket was standing in the middle of Miami’s Lincoln Road, scratching her platinum-blond hair with one long acrylic nail.

  • Global Trend Report 2009 - London & Berlin

    As a reaction to the self-imposed squalor of the punky kids and the shameless fun hunting of the indie-weirdo gang, the “slightly too smart for their age” bunch are really upping their formal dressing skills.

  • Bootleg Embroidery Damage

    Most of these embroidered tags come from crappy clothes—sweatshirts and tees that are so ugly that I just cut off the tags and use the actual garment to clean my toilet.