Volume 19 Issue 10

  • Deep Donkey

    If you ever find yourself needing to escape a gang of sea creatures hell-bent on raping you, a whale's vagina is not the best place to hide.

  • Looking at Ben Pier's Photos Is Better Than Eating Burritos or Wanking to Pornhub

    I'm working on a new book, which means I have to go out and shoot a ton of stuff. So this set is a look into that process at its earliest stage.

  • Anal Lessons

  • Wiener Dog Races!

    In August, Montreal held its fifth annual wiener-dog race day. Prizes were awarded for the fastest runner, best costume, and bobbing for wieners—that’s like bobbing for apples but with dogs and cocktail wieners, and it’s as amazing as it sounds.

  • Something Fishy

    Deep in Southwest Alaska lies an abandoned salmon cannery known as Graveyard Point. Every summer fishermen converge on this area. Great fortunes can be earned or lost here, depending on a man's luck. I’ve fished here for the past four years, taking...

  • 2012 Is Bullshit; 2020 Is When We’ll Really Be in Trouble

    Scientist Peter Turchin's work suggests that the next state of upheaval in the US is set to hit in 2020 based on historical violence cycles.

  • Bush-League Rebels

    I visited a camp in the city of Goma set up to house rebel combatants who had surrendered. The facility was split along ethnic lines, with only a chain-link fence separating Hutu and Tutsi fighters who have been spilling each other’s blood by the...

  • Tell Us About Your Tats!

    Every tattoo tells a story and has a story—that’s two stories per tat! So every month we stop someone on the street and ask them to “tell us ’bout them tats!” This month we stopped Gordon Penniweather in Park Slope, and he filled us in on the story...

  • Dirty Laundry

    This one’s difficult. Used to be my best friend. My mentor, really. Taught me everything I know about the business. Helped me get my first assistant’s job with Billy Wilder. Then the white dragon set him on fire. And before I knew it, I was his own...

  • Atheism - Sexism = Atheism +

    Sometimes being a lady atheist can put you in close proximity with “enlightened” male unbelievers who make rape jokes because, well, there’s no God to punish them. Atheist blogger Jennifer McCreight set up an online forum that fights that kind of...

  • King Dude Is the King of Dudes

    T.J. Cowgill, the guy who runs the clothing label Actual Pain, also performs music under the name King Dude. He's the most optimistic, friendly Luciferian we know, a declaration made all the more powerful by his new record, Burning Daylight, which is...

  • Celebrities as Food

    Photos by Jaimie Warren and custom masks, makeup, and hair by Lee Heinemann.