Volume 8 Issue 8

  • Shooting the Cannibal Killer

    Thank you for the inspiration, Luka Magnotta. Here are your 15 minutes of fame.

  • Sex And Violence

    My first ever date with the Ping Pong Bitches nearly got me killed.

  • Beats And Rhymes

    I'm back in the T-Dot after a couple months in LA. Peace to everybody out there who I hooked up with (especially Cheapshot, good looking!). Back at home, I'm feeling a little sentimental about the heads in Canada putting it down, so this issue's B&R...

  • Hating Life

    Before the fashion shoot we gave every model a pill known as the Hangover Prevention Formula.

  • The Loudest Car In The World

    Richie Warren is addicted to speed. For years he's been running the breaks and drum and bass label Fuel, putting out bass-heavy records with Tipper, Buckfunk 3000 and others and playing shows all over Europe and America. But the music seemed to be...

  • Again With The Broken Leg

    "Does anyone know where I can find a doctor?!" someone yells, pushing past a crowd of people and running upstairs. Darren from the Avalanches is sitting on a chair clutching his knee, looking mildly, though not overly, in pain. "Is it the same leg you...

  • Games

    GRAND THEFT AUTO 3The 3-D sequel to Grand Theft Auto is blowing my ass off like a bazooka. Here’s the plot.You just escaped from prison and some black dude (another ex-con who I swear has

  • Recordings For Deviants

    It was recently, when I was listening to "Government Center," by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, that I had a revelation. As he sang the words, "We've gotta lotta lotta hard work today/We've gotta rock at the Government Center/To make the...

  • VICE Comics


  • The Matador Series

    I just recently read Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hell’s Angels, which talks all about the exploits of the infamous biker gang in the late 60s.

  • Sex And Violence

    My first ever date with the Ping Pong Bitches nearly got me killed.

  • Tidbits

    CHO LIGHTERNow that Margaret Cho's new tour is getting critical acclaim it's perfectly understandishable that her business managers are capitalizing on the merch tip. The Cho lighter is one of