Volume 8 Issue 8

  • Disposable Outfit

    "Hi Glynnis, I've been working on the press release and it's sounding too cheesy no matter how I put it so I've given up. Here's just a straight-up explanation of the shirt:The shirt is from the fall 2001 season which is entitled "Collapsing New...

  • Literary

    FORTUNATE SON: GEORGE BUSH AND THE MAKING OF AN AMERICAN PRESIDENTAfter September 11 it might be difficult to write anything critical about the

  • Death Of Masoud

    We featured a photo essay called "Life in Afghanistan" by English photographer Jason Florio (Vol. 8 No. 6 - The Photo Issue). Five images that could have just as easily been called "Hell on Earth," these pictures showed us what Afghanistan really is.

  • Die Goof!

    The last time I spoke to David Pajo (AKA Papa M) he had no teeth. It wasn't because he had just gotten in a fight. It was because he had gotten into a fight fifteen years before and the crowns had finally rotted off. "I used to be a bit out of control...

  • The Car Buff

    Taking automobile fetishism to entirely new levels, Vince makes fat, glossy 3-dimensional paintings that look like either ghost parts of ghetto lowriders, or the sparkly pasties of a giant robot stripper.

  • Black Music That Lasts

    Rockwilder has been making beats for Redman since 1992 but no one knew who the hell he was until two years ago. Nobody really cared until he gave Redman and Method Man a joint so ill they had to name the song after him. As soon as "Da Rockwilder...

  • Tidbits

    CHO LIGHTERNow that Margaret Cho's new tour is getting critical acclaim it's perfectly understandishable that her business managers are capitalizing on the merch tip. The Cho lighter is one of