Volume 9 Issue 11

  • Dear Diary

    Last night was Maskarave. It started out really good because the music was so phat and me and Jolene got microdots. I saw Marlene and was happy.

  • History is Bullshit

    Ian Svenonius is the only DC punk rock luminary who, in conversation, sounds like a lost Theodor Adorno book that rips apart contemporary culture and makes you laugh at the same time. They both say things like "approximating historical antecedents...

  • Hard On

    Finally there's someone who isn't afraid to let her happy thoughts spill out like crayon-drawn smiley suns and flowers. Tujiko Noriko is a musician who drops the rock star front and just lets her heart pour out.

  • Sorry Guys

    Midnight Movies look like a Calvin Klein perfume ad, like if Simon Cowell designed a special ultimate post-rock group for your dad so he can relate to you more.

  • Wtf

    The best film that Ben Affleck ever starred in didn't even make the newspapers.

  • Tidbits

    Most Quebecois don't know this, but Denny's used to be called Sambo's. Motherfucking Sambo's. America went nuts when they figured it out and banned them all; all but one.