• Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Chinese Food in Shanghai?

    Chinese food in Shanghai simply isn't all that good. I'm not talking about Shanghainese cuisine, with its fatty pork and sweet, thick sauces. I'm talking about food from the diverse regions all over China, which Shanghai just can't seem to get right.

  • In China's Tea Mecca, You've Got to Brew Your Own

    In Chinese culture, eating until you burst is considered a normal part of mealtime, and pu'er tea has digestive benefits that aid those moments. I recently explored Yunnan province hoping to spoil myself with some quality brews, but the search was more...

  • Drinking Tour: Ximeng

    VICE China brings MC Dawei—a Beijing-based rapper who can barely handle a couple shots—to China's hardest drinking areas in Yunnan, where the locals start drinking homemade liquor starting at 9AM everyday.