• Facebook Is Still Selling Your Information

    Just when you thought that Facebook was only a movie, the popular social network announced plans to open up its users' personal information to third-party apps, websites and marketers.

  • New Egyptian Antiquities Czar: Same as the Old Antiquities Czar

    He refuses to go long after others have given up, has barricaded himself in his HQ, commands a collapsing personality cult mostly via television, and taunts his critics like an abusive dad--is Zahi Hawass the Qadaffi of near-eastern antiquity?

  • Julian Assange Is Being Extradited To Sweden

    Internet guy, Julian Assange is being extradited to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault. The whole thing smells a lot like Barry Levinson's 1997 masterpiece, _Wag the Dog_. Anyone seen that movie?

  • Rehabistan

    It’s really easy to get opium and heroin in Afghanistan, where over 90 percent of the world’s supply is produced.

  • Wild Berries

    Gossip might be one of the best reasons to get fat. Partly because you're going to need the energy that the extra body fat provides when you go moshing to their utterly energetic, riot-y, bluesrockdisco.