Hundreds of Cases of Beer Strewn Across Busy Highway Following Truck Crash

The busy road was clogged by thousands of cans of Victoria Bitter while emergency services tried to mop up the spill.


Aussie Sportswriter Charged $68,000 for Single Beer at Hotel Bar

After consulting with the bar manager, Peter Lalor ended up with a bottle of Deuchars—a Scottish IPA—and one of the most expensive tabs ever.


Inside India’s Secret Movement of Homebrewers

A small but growing community of people has been geeking out in their kitchens, producing small-batch beers and secretly meeting up to swap tasting notes.


Man in Japan Faces Charges After Selling $3 North Korean Beer for $148

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Man Sues TGI Friday’s for Not Listing Drink Prices on the Menu

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German City Foils Neo-Nazi Festival by Confiscating All of Its Beer

Cops confiscated more than 4000 litres of beer from the Sword and Shield festival in Ostritz, while activists bought out the local supermarkets' stock.


Man Sues Brewery After Pink Beer Promotion Made Him Feel 'Forced to Identify as Female'

Thomas Bower told BrewDog that he believed he'd been the victim of sex discrimination.


Mexico City Legislator Proposes Ban on the Sale of Cold Beer

If the beer is warm, people won’t drink in public—or that’s the idea, at least.


People Rate Beer More Highly if They Think it's Made by a Man, Study Says

“There’s an assumption that your woman-made craft beer, screwdriver, or roof rack just won’t be as good.”


All the Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink When You’re Depressed

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