Video of Girl Brushing Crocodile’s Teeth Highlights Indonesia’s Exotic Pet Problem

In another video, the reptile looks cozy as the girl powders its entire body.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
an hour ago

Indonesian Fans Under Fire for Supporting K-Pop Star Charged Over Prostitution Ring

Online backlash forced the diehard fans of Seungri, a former member of Big Bang, to issue an official apology.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
3 days ago

Stop Telling Women They Can't Do Their Makeup on the Subway

Jakarta's MRT is finally here, and it's already making life difficult for women.
Mustika Hapsoro
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Teen Couple Runs Away From Home, Then Uses a Legal Loophole to Get Married

The parents of a 14-year-old girl and her 16-year-old boyfriend tried to stop the wedding due to their age, to no luck.
Edoardo Liotta
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New Survey Finds Some Muslim Voters Want Indonesia to be 'More Like the Middle East'

It's a small number of voters, but it goes to show that religious conservatism is not going anywhere.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

The Fearless Group Fighting For A Safe Space For Trans Women in Indonesia

Mami Yuli's halfway home is small, but it's arguably the safest space for Indonesia's elderly trans women.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

This Indonesian Province Banned Songs of Pop Stars for ‘Pornographic’ Lyrics

If you are living in West Java, you will need to wait until 10 pm to get a chance to listen to Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran on the radio
Edoardo Liotta
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Memories Turn Cold in 'Garut Lights, Drunken Ice'

Yoshi Fe and Sheila Rooswitha Putri find the cold, sad core in a bowl of ice cream.
Yoshi Fe
Sheila Rooswitha Putri​​​
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Why Blocking Gay Muslim Comics on Instagram Is Pointless

An Instagram account in Indonesia raised LGBTQ issues, pissing off the government. The good news is blocking these accounts does not mean they won’t pop right back up.
Adi Renaldi
comic week 2019

The Wait Is Worth It In 'Years of War'

In Theodora Abigail and Annisa Rizkiana's colorful comic, a woman waits all her life to arrive someplace where she truly belongs.
Theodora Abigail
Annisa Rizkiana

Two Former Weed Farmers Tell Us Why Aceh's Marijuana Industry Isn't Going Anywhere

Marijuana is still big business in Indonesia's Aceh province, despite a decades-long drug war.
Hendri Abik

The Jewelry Designer Tapping into Bali’s Topless Tradition

This unusual accessories range is all the rage in Bali.
Lisa Scott