Election Violence

Riding Along With the People Saving Lives During the Jakarta Protests

The city's paramedics were stretched thin and fatigued, but still out there helping the injured.
Adi Renaldi
3 days ago

Powerful Photos From Indonesia's Post-Election Protests

Scenes from two days of protest and violence on the streets of Indonesia's biggest city.
VICE Staff
4 days ago
Election Violence

People Power? Not so Fast: Making Sense of Jakarta's Post-Election Chaos

Provocateurs, mysterious "commanders," and clashes in the streets of Central Jakarta—the protests and ensuing riots left us with more questions than answers.
Jonathan Vit
Arzia Wargadiredja
Adi Renaldi
4 days ago
Election Violence

Election Protests Enter a Second Day as Indonesia Reels From Late Night Riots

The police are calling the riots an orchestrated plot by paid provocateurs.
VICE Staff
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Six Dead and More than 200 Injured as Post-Election Riots Erupt in Jakarta

Mobs of protesters set fire to vehicles and clashed with police after it was announced that President Widodo had won a second term.
Gavin Butler

Welcome to the Indonesian Village That Builds Guns

VICE travelled to West Java where the residents of Cipacing have been making air rifles for over a century.
Iqbal Kusumadirezza

An Indonesian Police Officer Has Been Fired For Being Gay

The former policeman, who had been in the job for a decade, has filed a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

Indonesia Is Home to the Most Climate Change Deniers in the World

Experts say the lack of education and focus on religion are reasons why many Indonesians don't believe in global warming.
Adi Renaldi

People Are Calling for the Disbandment of Indonesia’s Radical Islamist Group

The online petition demanding the government to refuse the Islamic Defenders Front's permit renewal is gaining traction. But is it enough?
Adi Renaldi

Nothing Unites Southeast Asians Faster Than Seeing a White Man Insult Their Food

People are understandably riled up after a viral tweet ranked Filipino food "worst" in the region.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
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Jokowi’s Volunteers Offer $7 Million to Anyone Who Can Prove Election Fraud

Official counts show that President Jokowi is up for a second term, but his rival Prabowo Subianto says the election is rigged.
Alia Marsha
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This Archeologist Says He's Got Proof That Atlantis Sunk Into the Java Sea

Using ancient stories and "conversations with ancestors," the founder of Atlantis-obsessed group says he's cracked the codes that led him closer to the lost civilization.
Titah AW