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Instagrammers Are Taking Over the 'Joker' Stairs, Sorry to the Bronx

Fans are flooding the Bronx to get the perfect photo denoting that they have seen a movie and liked it.


A Big Fuck You to the Instagram 'Following' Tab

The platform is saying goodbye to the feature that allows you to see what other users are doing. Good riddance.


Twitter Took Phone Numbers for Security and Used Them for Advertising

This could make people think twice about using a phone number to secure their account at all.


The New ASMR Trend Is Being Extremely Normal

YouTube videos like Amy’s Essex Beauty Salon​ or Charming English Shoe Cleaner celebrate the whispery, tingly goodness of everyday experiences.


Hong Kong Government Considering ‘Ban on the Internet’ to Control Protests

Many of the rallies are organised by the youth in online chat groups.


Hackers Target Sex Forum Exposing Users’ Email Addresses

Hackers stole data from Flirtsexchat, a sex website running vulnerable vBulletin software.


60 Amazon Workers Walked Out Over Warehouse Working Conditions

They are asking for better pay on the night shift and better working conditions. It's the second work stoppage at a Minnesota fulfillment center in the last two months.


Yahoo Engineer Used Insider Access to Get Private Photos of Women

Reyes Daniel Ruiz admitted to hacking, finding, and downloading the private images and videos of thousands of Yahoo users while he worked for the company.


Young Kashmiris Tell Us What It’s Like Living Without Internet and Social Media

“I miss playing PUBG but it’s not just about playing a game but having the right to do as you wish, the kind of rights everyone else enjoys.”


We Asked a Wikipedia Contributor Why Everyone Thinks They're Unreliable

"Wikipedia is a gateway to more knowledge," he said.


Instagram Has Turned Us All Into Stalkers

I asked people who they keep tabs on the most, and why, in an effort to learn more about our weird online habits.


How Climate Change Will Kill Your Internet

From melting ice caps to having to ration the available power supply, here’s why your internet access may be endangered with global warming.