Mosque attack

The FBI Is Investigating a New Haven Mosque Fire Set During Ramadan

Police said earlier this week that the fire was intentional.
Tess Owen

These Artists Are Rejecting Lazy Stereotypes About Muslim Women

London-based art collective Muslim Sisterhood want to “represent ‘normal’ Muslim girls who aren’t bloggers, fashionistas or Bake Off winners.”
Isaine Blatry

What Does It Really Mean To Be a Muslim Woman Today?

Mariam Khan, author of 'It’s Not About The Burqa' interviews i-D cover star Ugbad Abdi.
Mariam Khan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

China Is Accused of Destroying Its Mosques

A new investigation suggests that mosques in the Xinjiang province have been completely or almost completely razed.
Shamani Joshi
Sri Lanka Attacks

The Aftermath of the Sri Lanka Attacks Continues for South Asia’s Young Minorities

There's fear and then there's hope for those living on the fringes.
Pallavi Pundir
Indonesia elections

Here’s What You Need to Know About Indonesia’s Massive Elections

Looks like the President Joko Widodo is set for another five years in charge.
David Gilbert
VICE Votes

Election Season Is Boom Time for Indonesia's Exorcists

Legislative candidates spend a fortune on their campaigns. When the majority of them lose the race, their savings and their sanity, exorcists step in.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

Forget Supreme, Hijab Is the New Symbol of Wealth and Status in Malaysia

Scarves as expensive as $8,000 are taking over the country's 'modest wear' trend.
Lee Lian Kong
Christchurch shooting

Australian Muslims Describe How Christchurch Has Changed Their Lives

"People have been looking at me longer than usual, and I wonder: are they looking at me because they feel sorry for me? Or are they looking at me because they agree with what that man did?"
Jennine Khalik

Five Queer British Muslims On The LGBTQ+ Lessons Row

"Queer Muslim voices in this debate are the most important. We can’t continue to have conversations about marginalised groups without them leading those conversations."
Salma Haidrani
Muslim Women's Day 2019

The First American Woman Imam Explains the Rise of Islamic Feminism

Since Dr. amina wadud led her first public sermon 25 years ago, Islamic feminism has taken root and sprouted globally.
dr. amina wadud

5 Muslim Women Artists Whose Powerful Work You Should Know

Follow them. Support them. Give them your money.
Leila Ettachfini