Nuclear Weapons


What You Need to Know About Trump's Wild Weekend in North Korea

Meanwhile, the White House is reportedly ready to accept North Korea as a nuclear power, rather than demanding full denuclearization.
David Gilbert

How a Brisbane Artist Became a Priest for a UFO Pleasure Cult

Luke Roberts is a Raelian: "the only religion with female, gay, and transgender priests."
Julian Morgans
Hanoi summit

The Trump-Kim Lovefest Is Back in Action

Donald Trump rekindled his love affair with Kim Jong Un during their second in-person meeting on Wednesday.
David Gilbert

Hiroshima Survivors Remember the Morning Their City Vanished

This August marks the 73rd anniversary of the world's first city to be erased with a nuclear bomb.
David Allegretti
Nuclear Weapons

Scientists Tell Us What Would Happen If North Korea Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb Underwater

North Korea’s underwater nuclear test seems more and more likely—but what happens after the bomb goes off?
Caroline Haskins

Remember That Time the US Thought About Nuking the Moon?

In 1958, at the height of the Cold War, the Air Force thought that exploding a nuclear device on the moon would inspire America and show the Russians who was boss.
Harry Cheadle
Nuclear Weapons

No Countries With Nukes Adopted the UN’s 'Historic' Nuke Ban

The nine countries with nuclear weapons boycotted the talks.
Alexa Liautaud
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Scientists Think We're Closer to 'Doomsday' Thanks to Climate Change and Trump

The "Doomsday Clock" is now set 30 seconds closer to midnight.
Lauren Messman