South Korea


Senior Citizens in South Korea Turn To Modeling and Youtube For A Career Change

Life does begin when you’re 60.
Lex Celera
13 hours ago

Inside the Dance School Fighting for a Safe Queer, Feminist Space in Seoul

Luddan is part of a growing movement that’s using art to break apart South Korea’s gender binaries.
Hahna Yoon
4 days ago

Red Velvet’s Latest Single ‘Zimzalabim’ Takes You On A Whimsical Carnival Ride

The K-pop girl group is back with a trippy new EP and single.
Lex Celera
5 days ago
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North Korea Reportedly Has Over 300 Public Execution Sites

A human rights group in South Korea found that offences ranging from stealing a cow to watching a South Korean TV show has got citizens killed.
Shamani Joshi
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Parents in South Korea Are Upset They Can’t Beat Their Kids Anymore

The country’s plan to scrap the law allowing parents to physically discipline their children is causing quite the controversy among adults.
Shamani Joshi
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You Can Now Hike Along the World’s Most Heavily-Armed Border

The demilitarised zone separating North and South Korea has been opened to civilians for the very first time. And it's crawling with rare and endangered wildlife.
Gavin Butler

Korean Man Acquitted on Charges He Tried to Fatten Himself Up with Fried Chicken to Avoid Army Service

Prosecutors argued that the 22-year-old Korean man intentionally gorged himself on chicken and booze before his physical exam.
Jelisa Castrodale

How Double Eyelid Surgery Has Become a Rite of Passage for Many South Korean Youths

Living in a society obsessed with public perception and appearance, many young South Koreans are going under the knife to elevate their social status, boost their wealth, land a better job and find the perfect partner.
Yae-Jin Ha

This Is Not Good News For Relations Between North and South Korea

Pyongyang is pulling out of the inter-Korean liaison office after new U.S. sanctions
David Gilbert
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A Geothermal Plant Likely Caused South Korea’s Second-Worst Earthquake

A government-commissioned survey found that fluid injection at a geothermal plant in Pohang was a probable cause for the destructive quake.
Sarah Emerson
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South Korea Trials Lazers on Road Crossings to Distract People From Their Phones

The country has one of the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities in the developed world.
Edoardo Liotta

A North Korean Refugee on His Escape From 'the Best Country in the World'

Escaping North Korea cost him five years of his life. Jun Heo now wants to tell the whole world his story.
Guillaume Piedboeuf