A Work Out Playlist by Donny Benét

The legendary synth pop crooner plays at House of Bacardi in Melbourne this Thursday.

Nov 28 2016, 10:00pm

Since the release of his latest single, "Working Out," an apparent ode to toning, sculpting, and also sexual intercourse, Donny Benét has been hot property. Luckily, we snagged him for our room at this week's upcoming House of Bacardi party in Melbourne, so we're feeling pretty smug right about now.

The party, which will see rooms in a venue curated by legendary party throwers—Daydreams, Pelvis, CRXY SXXY CXXL, and us—will be like a kind of Wonka Factory of clubs. Each room will have its own vibe and stellar line up, to cater for whatever you may be feeling minute to minute.

The VICE room will host DJs Beanies, Jalé, and Tornado Wallace, with live sets from Benét and SHOUSE.

Entry is free as long as you RSVP, which you can do here. To see more of the line up, and for more info, check out the Facebook event. In the meantime, listen to this work out playlist Donny put together, and get in shape for a night of tearing up the dance floor.


Bootsy Collins - "Body Slam"

Alan Vega - "Every 1's a Winner"

Kraftwerk - "Computer World"

Zazou, Bikaye & Cy1 - "M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba"

The System - "Sweat"

Tonetta - "Pump It"

DAF - "Brothers"

Locomia - "Locomia"


Tonetta - "Metal Man"

Rigiera - "Vamos a La Playa"

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