All-Star Weekend


For 12 Straight Years, These Three Dudes Have Recorded An NBA All-Star Rap Tribute

In 1989, Ultramagnetic MC's recorded a sprawling rap tribute to the NBA All-Star team. In 2006, three goofballs in Brooklyn did the same. They never stopped.


Stay Melo: Behind-the-scenes with Carmelo Anthony at All-Star Weekend

With Melo starting in his 9th All-Star game, we spent some time with him off the court in Toronto and watched his prep alma mater Oak Hill play Orangeville Prep, a team of young Canadian high school stars.


The Dudes Who Record A Rap Song For Every NBA All-Star Game Are Back

In 2006, three friends got together and recorded a rap song about every NBA All-Star. They're still at it 11 years later. Enjoy these Kyle Lowry lyrics of fury.


DeMar DeRozan Thrills Home Court With 360 Dunk

Repping the Raptors hard.


LeBron Is Intent on Trolling A Wistful Kobe

The love is palpable on Valentines Day.


Dat Steph Curry Half Court Shot Tho

You couldn't see it on TV at the time, but someone caught it alright.


5'10" John Jordan Wins D-League Dunk Contest With Ridiculous Reverse Slam

Not quite Nate Robinson short, but damn.


Steph Curry Nails Two Half Court Threes in a Row, Exactly Per Commentator's Request

Oh man, this three point competition is going to be disgusting.


Arcade Fire's Win Butler Wins NBA Celebrity MVP, Talks Politics, Is Immediately Cut Off

There's no room for politics in sports!