Dhaka attack

He survived a massacre of 20 people, only to be blamed for it

University of Toronto student Tahmid Hasib Khan helped save people in the 2016 Dhaka cafe massacre. He's telling his story for the first time.
Tamara Khandaker

One Year on, the Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh Has a New Problem

Dangers of drug addiction and early marriage among adolescents testify to a grim future of the community.
All photographs by Anisur Rahman.
Naimul Karim
Australia Today

We Met the Australians Trying to Prosecute Aung San Suu Kyi For War Crimes

As Myanmar's state counsellor, the lawyers allege she's directly responsible for more than one million Rohingya people fleeing the country.
Liam Armstrong

Horrifying Stories of Rohingya Refugees Fleeing Death in Myanmar

"We saw them slit throats and bellies, shoot our men, and rape our women. They killed the older men, and then the men my age. They killed our doctors."
Shahirah Majumdar

'They Struck Us Until We Were Lifeless'

A Rohingya refugee recalls her escape from Myanmar.
Kathleen Prior
worker rights

Garment Factories in Bangladesh Are Trying on Gender Equality for Size

Four years after the collapse of Rana Plaza, the country's thriving ready made garment industry is starting to shine light on more than improved infrastructure.
Madeline Moitozo

My Time with the Bangladeshi Bloggers Facing Terror and Machete Attacks

We went to Dhaka, where secular bloggers, writers, and publishers are being targeted with brutal methods aimed at suppressing free speech.
Ranbir Singh Sidhu

No Country for Young Women: My Travels Through Rural Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi-American novelist's search for home in the hills and jungles of South Asia.
Tanwi Nandini Islam
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Bangladeshi Sweatshops Continue to Imperil Workers’ Lives

In 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed, killing more than 1,100 Bangladeshi workers. Despite the news coverage, sweatshops aren't much better today.
Larry Towell
The Photo Issue 2015

Photos of the Most Vulnerable People in Bangladesh

Dhaka's pavement dwellers have few means to survive in a political, social, and economic environment that virtually ignores them.
Shehab Uddin

A Greek Court Is Fining Migrants Who Were Shot at by Their Boss

Manolada's Bangladeshi migrant workers are demanding that the fines be cancelled.
Melpomeni Maragkidou

Why Do Bangladeshi Writers Keep Getting Murdered?

Bangladesh has never been an especially safe place for opposition writers, but things have begun spiraling out of control over the last two years.
Mark Hay