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    • 12.25.14

      Drinking Tour: Ximeng

      VICE China brings MC Dawei—a Beijing-based rapper who can barely handle a couple shots—to China's hardest drinking areas in Yunnan, where the locals start drinking homemade liquor starting at 9AM everyday.

    • 12.13.14

      Friday Night in Liverpool

      Peter Lambert's Friday night consists of drunken karaoke, a bag of chips, and two men beating the shit out of each other.

    • 7.21.13

      Lasingo Part 1

      It's an average day for Lasingo the cyclops until he finds free liquor, drinks a bottle, and then decides to take a stroll through the night. Sounds familiar, right? It's like every Saturday night! Except, you know, it's about a cyclops, the liquor's...

    • 3.29.13


      James Tracey might be the coolest chef we have ever shot for 'Munchies.' We were shocked by how relaxed he is considering he's the executive chef at Craft and Colicchio & Sons. He likes his razor clams raw and his beer cold. He also likes Il Buco...

    • 3.14.13

      Blue Hill

      This 'Munchies' episode is going to make whatever you eat today look like shit. It features chef Trevor Kunk of Blue Hill, one of the early bastions of farm-to-table cooking in New York City. The food Trevor and his team put out is revelatory: Their...