That Viral Video of a Chimp Scrolling Instagram Is Bad, Actually

The video of the chimpanzee scrolling through social media isn't good for wildlife conservation, experts say.
Samantha Cole
Sarah Emerson
animal art

Animals Might Be Able to Appreciate Art

Studies have shown that birds can distinguish Monet from Picasso, but do they know what they're looking at?
Dyllan Furness
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Scientists Strand Chimps on Remote Archipelago

The New York Blood Center, a prominent blood bank that usually spends its time saving lives and trying to cure diseases, recently abandoned dozens of research chimps on a chain of islands in Liberia.
Kaleigh Rogers
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The Chimp Personhood Lawsuit Just Got Thrown Out

A New York judge's ruling today is a big setback for the chimps-are-people movement.
Mike Pearl

By Studying Skinny Apes, Science Figured Out Why Humans Are So Fat

It involves our evolutionary ancestors learning to sweat and having weak arms.
Mike Pearl
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(UPDATED) Two Chimps Just Had Their Personhood Recognized by a New York Judge

Two research chimps at Stony Brook University were just granted a writ of habeas corpus. Here's what that means for chimp personhood.
Mike Pearl

​Chimpanzees Don’t Have Human Rights, According to Court

​Last week a Justice of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court declared that chimpanzees are not people, legall​y speaking. This does not bode well for the wider and active great ape rights movement.
Mark Hay

The Lab Apes of Liberia

We traveled to remote Liberia to discover Monkey Island, an area inhabited solely by former lab-tested chimpanzees who survived disease and two civil wars.
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The Government Is Retiring Hundreds of Chimps from Biomedical Research

I hate to paint with a broad brush here, but primates in America have horrible lives. Sure, there are your One Percenters like Koko and Bubbles the Chimp, but by and large, the US is one big Bergen-Belsen for our oldest living ancestors. The NIH has...
Tanja M. Laden