Sniffer Dogs and The Dickhead Tax: The Secrets of Festival Drug Dealers

"I charge different amounts to different people. If you're a complete knob, I'll take the piss."

David Hillier

I Got Banned From the US When Airport Security Found My Coke Texts

Immigration officials said that they’d found a reference to cocaine on my phone and immediately put me on a flight back to the UK.

Isabella Brazier-Jones

A Bizarre New Species of Mollusk Eats Rocks, Poops Sand, and Shapes Rivers

Lithoredo abatanica, a very weird shipworm found in a river in the Philippines, represents both a new species and genus.

Becky Ferreira

How to Bio-Hack Your Brain to Have Sex Without Getting Emotionally Attached

Scientists have isolated the hormones and brain structures that may be responsible for romantic attachment. Is it possible to manipulate them to have sex without all those annoying post-coital feelings?

Sirin Kale

Krokodil has Shown Up in Australia

The first known case of someone in Australia injecting the so-called "zombie drug" has been reported.

Gavin Butler

Vapes and E-Cigarettes Could Soon Be Classified as ‘Drugs’ in India

Does the device considered a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes deserve to be criminalised while tobacco companies continue to get away?

Shamani Joshi

Victorians Are Doing More Ecstasy and Heroin Than Anyone Else in Australia

Researchers from the Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program also found that MDMA use in Australia was the highest they'd ever seen.

Gavin Butler

Indian Clothes Factories Have Been Busted Giving Employees Illegal 'Painkillers' That Are Messing With Their Periods

To ensure max productivity, the unmarked pills are given under strict supervision and often lead to side-effects like depression, UTIs and miscarriages.

Shamani Joshi

The Next Great El Chapo Mystery: How the Hell Did His Family Get U.S. Visas?

The drug kingpin's mother says her family has “humanitarian” visas to visit Chapo in prison. Advocates and federal agents are shocked.

Keegan Hamilton

You’ll Soon Be Allowed to Buy Amyl in Australian Pharmacies—But There’s A Catch

The Australian government has backed down on its plan to make poppers illegal. The decision comes with a few caveats, though.

Gavin Butler

The Inside Story of Europe's First Narco-State

A young generation of Albanians are caught between organized crime's politics, rampant unemployment, and the fast cash of Class A drugs.

Monty Reed

The Mysterious Consequences of Repeatedly Overdosing on Opioids

Experts are concerned we'll see a rise in brain damage among people who survive multiple ODs in the age of fentanyl.

Maia Szalavitz