2 hours ago

Scientists Want to Try Using Shrooms to Revive People in Vegetative States

Does psilocybin have the potential to increase consciousness in people who are unresponsive?

a day ago

'El Mencho' Wants to Replace 'El Chapo' and He's Killing Mexican Cops at Will

Mexico's most formidable cartel just killed at least 14 cops and wounded 9 more, using armored vehicles and high-powered rifles.

3 days ago

Draft Coroner’s Report Reveals Pill Testing Will Be Recommended at NSW Music Festivals

The leaked document also recommends the removal of sniffer dogs and a restriction of police powers to conduct strip searches.

3 days ago

I Came to Britain to Run an Illegal Weed Grow House

Albanians are moving into the UK cannabis cultivation business in a big way. One grow house manager tells his story

4 days ago

Australian Government Wants the ACT to Prove Legalising Weed is a Good Idea

Some senior ministers think the ACT Government is spending "too much time smoking hooch."


The U.S. Military Killed Dozens of Civilians While Trying to Bomb Meth Labs, U.N. Alleges

According to a new U.N. report, a United States counternarcotics operation against alleged Afghan drug labs caused multiple child casualties. The U.S. has denied the report.


What It's Like to Report On the Mexican Drug Wars

Journalist Ioan Grillo gives unique insight into the risks and complexities of the Mexican drug war.


Yes, You Can Be Addicted to Weed

People tend to think pot is not addictive, yet many regular users still struggle to quit. We spoke with an expert and pot-smokers across the stoner spectrum to figure it out.


Congrats to Big Pharma on Finding a New Way to Profit Off of HIV Prevention

Gilead, the company that makes Truvada, just got FDA approval for Descovy, another form of PrEP. It costs nearly $1,800 a month without insurance coverage.


An Indian Dealer Explains Why Instagram Is so Great for Selling Weed

“I manipulate people. I might follow them but wait for them to see my Stories to know I sell.”


Plant-Based Meth Is the Next Frontier of Afghanistan's Drug Trade

Investigators have uncovered a burgeoning local trade in the production of methamphetamine using a mountain shrub.


My True Romance With A Colombian Drug Lord

A trans woman talks about her up close experience with a deadly narco baron.