This Photographer Shows Us the Pollution We Can’t See for Ourselves

Flying 300 meters above land, J. Henry Fair uncovers everyday environmental catastrophes you probably didn’t know existed.
Edoardo Liotta
3 days ago
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These Climate Change Arguments Need to Die

Recent climate protests have been met with a wave of dangerous cynicism that needs to be defeated.
Joe Sandler Clarke
4 days ago
VICE Votes

Young Australians Talk Climate Change, Immigration, Indigenous Affairs and More

In the lead up to Australia’s Federal Election, VICE invites people with a broad range of experiences and expertise to discuss the most pressing issues of our nation.
VICE Staff
4 days ago

Indonesia Is Home to the Most Climate Change Deniers in the World

Experts say the lack of education and focus on religion are reasons why many Indonesians don't believe in global warming.
Adi Renaldi
Australia Today

Torres Strait Islanders Made a Human Rights Complaint over Australia’s Climate Change Policy

A group of Islanders have gone to the United Nations over concerns that rising sea levels are threatening their homes.
Gavin Butler

Jeff Bezos Is a Post-Earth Capitalist

Bezos admits that the limitless growth that made him the world's richest man is incompatible with a habitable Earth.
Caroline Haskins
Save Yourselves

The UK Has Declared a Climate Emergency: What Now?

They're the first country to do so.
Michael Segalov
Save Yourselves

The 'Greenwashing' Hiding the Truth of Your Favourite Fashion Brands

High street brands might talk about "ethics" and "sustainability", but that doesn't mean they're actually doing anything ethical or sustainable.
Sophie Slater
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Nepal Wants to Rid Mt. Everest of Dead Bodies and 10,000 Kilograms of Trash

It's a major cleanup effort for a mountain notoriously called "the world's highest garbage dump."
Mustika Hapsoro
Question Of The Day

Would You Go to Jail to Save All Life on Earth?

In the wake of this week's major Extinction Rebellion actions, I went out on the streets of London in search of willing climate martyrs.
Rhys Thomas

Things You’re Doing to Save the Planet That Are Actually Terrible

That reusable cotton tote is polluting the air and water way more than a plastic bag.
Anne Gaviola
Australia Today

The Adani Coal Mine Could Still Get Blocked by the QLD Government

Scientific reviews found the coal mine may not meet the government's environmental requirements.
Gavin Butler