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Why Can't The AFL Get A Handle On Its Racist Redneck Problem?

In the past two years it appears racism at football matches is a growing trend, where a small percentage of fans seem to think calling someone an ape is what football fans do these days.
Justin Robertson
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UN Finds Indigenous Youth Are 'Punished for Being Poor'

Young Aboriginals are going to prison for behavior associated with being poor and bored, but not dangerous.
Katherine Gillespie
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New South Wales' Indigenous Prison Population Has Doubled in the Past 15 Years

Fewer Indigenous Australians are being arrested than ever before. So why do they still make up nearly a third of the country's prison population?
Katherine Gillespie

We Asked Some Artists to Respond to Bill Leak's Racist Cartoon

For every racist cartoonist—or commentator who thinks shitting on an entire community of people is funny—there are a whole lot of people who don't.
Issy Beech

Not Exactly News: 'The Australian' Has Published Another Racist Cartoon

We're not using it as the thumbnail image because it's gross. In fact, the cartoonist responsible—Bill Leak—has a long, proud history of being gross.
Katherine Gillespie

Photos From the Tiwi Islands Football League Grand Final

Isabella Moore
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Meet the Developer Behind Australia's Most Hated Game

In "Survival Island 3 - Australia 3D" you just walk around a crude rendering of the Australian outback, killing Indigenous people.
Maddison Connaughton

There's Some Hope Behind a Horrifying New Report on Indigenous Incarceration

Last week Amnesty International released a report on Indigenous youth in WA's justice system. The findings are bleak, but they're not without solutions.
Girard Dorney

Indigenous Australians Are Excluded from Managing Water on Their Own Land

Indigenous leaders claim that huge swathes of their land near the Murray Darling Basin have become uninhabitable thanks to decisions they had no part in.
Jack Callil

Redfern's Tent Embassy Is Ready to Fight for the Block

Indigenous leaders in Sydney have called on all Australians, white and black, to rally around around the tent embassy situated at the iconic Redfern housing project.
Jed Smith

What's Going On With Australia's Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson?

On January 29, Australia was placed on the Human Rights Watch list for its treatment of indigenous people, asylum seekers, and the LGBTI community. Where was Tim Wilson when all this was going on?
Lee Zachariah

Aboriginal Australians are Still Dying in Police Custody

Last month, a 22-year-old Aboriginal woman was arrested for unpaid fines. After three days in police lockup, she was dead. How far has Australia come in 30 years?
Lauren Gillin