Jakarta Government Plans To Create Manmade Rain To Solve Air Pollution Problem

Jakarta is notorious for its unclean air, but becoming the city with the world’s worst air pollution took it to the next level. Can man-made rain fix this?
Ikhwan Hastanto
2 days ago
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An Indonesian University Is Accepting YouTubers And Exempting Them From Entrance Exams

Content creators with 10,000 subscribers or more can skip an Indonesian university’s entrance exam.
Ikhwan Hastanto
Ricuh Pemilu 2019

People Power? Not so Fast: Making Sense of Jakarta's Post-Election Chaos

Provocateurs, mysterious "commanders," and clashes in the streets of Central Jakarta—the protests and ensuing riots left us with more questions than answers.
Adi Renaldi

Indonesian Islands Are Drowning in Trash

A government clean up operation launched this week near the Indonesian capital has removed more than 40 tons of trash each day.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races

We went inside the dangerous, high-stakes world of illegal motorcycle racing in Jakarta.
VICE Staff
fried chicken

Indonesians are Getting Fried Chicken Delivered From Saudi Arabia

Why would anyone want a box of four-day-old fried chicken? I ordered some to find out.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

We Talked to People on Dates at an Indonesian IKEA

In Jakarta, IKEA's minimalist furniture and warehouse-like aisles are drawing in young couples like nowhere else.
Adi Renaldi
vice's foreign film club

Revisiting the Violent, Gory Indonesian B Movies of the 1980s

VICE met up with the leading directors, producers, and screenwriters behind Indonesian exploitation cinema.
VICE Staff
Easy Riders

Jakarta's Best Dance Spot Is Hidden Under a Highway Overpass

A traditional Sundanese dance is reimagined as a street-level dangdut club at this secret Jaipong place.
VICE Staff
Tearing Down Some Other Walls

What are Pieces of the Berlin Wall Doing In a Jakarta Skatepark?

For 27 years, four pieces of the Berlin Wall sat in Teguh Ostenrik's art studio. Now, they're a visible reminder of the invisible walls that still divide us all.
Mutyara Ghani
immersion journalism

I Spent a Week Eating Nothing But Fried Chicken to See if You Really Can Have too Much of a Good Thing

Sometimes love hurts.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

Indonesia's Anti-LGBT Crackdown Could Undermine the Fight Against HIV

A rise in homophobic sentiment is making it harder for healthcare workers to reach those in the country's LGBT community.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja