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High Season

Australia's Prison Drug Problem Is Worse Than Corrections Will Ever Admit

Keenan Mundine was 14 when he first went into juvenile detention. By 16 he was addicted to heroin.
Kate Allman

Dylan Voller Is the Prison Reform Activist Australia Needs

"I just think using the jails should be an absolute last resort... as a young person, it can definitely wreck your mentality."
Enoch Mailangi
Jonno Revanche
Criminal Justice

Will America Stop Putting Kids in Solitary Confinement?

Long-term isolation is rapidly losing ground as an accepted practice in the world of juvenile corrections. But for youth advocates, ending solitary will take more work.
Eli Hager
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The Northern Territory is Suing Boys Tear Gassed in the 'Four Corners' Footage

Two Don Dale inmates are being counter-sued by the territory government over alleged damage they caused during a 2015 escape attempt.
VICE Staff

The 'Four Corners' Abuse Footage Wasn't Withheld From the NT Government: it Was Sent to Them

The NT's Chief Minister Adam Giles claims he and his fellow politicians had no idea what was going on. This is highly unlikely.
Isabelle Hellyer
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The Abuse of Juvenile Prisoners in the Northern Territory Has Sparked a Royal Commission

As Four Corners revealed, underage detainees at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre were beaten, stripped, and tear gassed by guards. The Federal Government wants answers.
Maddison Connaughton

Life as a Young, Indigenous, A-Class Offender in Australia

VICE Australia follows the rapper Briggs inside a maximum security juvenile justice center to get a look into the lives of Indigenous Australian juvenile offenders.
VICE Staff
The Incarceration Issue

Incarcerated and In Tune: Some Australian Prisoners Have Made a Musical

It's dark, but not persistently so. It's sometimes funny, but there's nothing laughable about it.
Girard Dorney

​How Germany Treats Young Criminals

In Neustrelitz Prison, administrators emphasize therapy and eschew the retributive impulse that has defined American justice for decades. Inmates even have rabbits and horses to look after.
Maurice Chammah

​Florida Is by Far the Worst State for Kids Up Against the Law

The spring-break capital of the world is really harsh on minors who get into legal trouble.
Eli Hager