Suing The Person Your Ex-Spouse Cheated On You With Is Deeply Unchill

A North Carolina man just successfully sued his ex-wife's lover for $750,000, thanks to a wild law in the state.


A Family Is Still Being Terrorized by the 'Watcher' Stalking Their House

After getting creepy mail from someone called the "Watcher" back in 2014, the Broadduses say they've received another "sinister" letter.


Can Liberal States Do Anything to Fight the Coming Obamacare Repeal?

Once the Republican Congress gets rid of Obamacare, expect a "lot of lawsuits," says one healthcare expert.


Can Brands Really Make Artists Change Their Names?

Burberry's suit against Burberry Perry is the latest in a long history of brands and artists clashing over trademark infringement.


A Suit Against Star Trek Fans Will Decide Who Owns the Klingon Language

A dispute over a fan-made film might have far-reaching consequences for made-up languages after CBS and Paramount said they owned the Klingon language, a claim many Trekkers say is "ghuy'cha'."


Appeals Court Affirms NFL Concussion Settlement

Objectors "risk making the perfect the enemy of the good.": The court of appeals has affirmed the NFL concussion settlement."


What Are the 'Legitimate Reasons' to Have an Offshore Bank Account?

The Panama Papers revealed how a lot of rich people hide their money, but there are supposedly non-shady reasons to conceal your assets. What are they?


Thabo Sefolosha Sues 5 New York City Cops for Wrongful Arrest, Excessive Force

Thabo Sefolosha is suing NYPD officers and the city for manhandling him and breaking his leg.


Welp, Here's Taylor Swift Rapping Drake and Future and Then Falling Off a Treadmill

I just caught my tempo like I'm Taylor Swift, woo!


Judge Reportedly Sides with Sony, Refusing to Allow Kesha Out of Her Contract with Dr. Luke

The judge claims she’s been given the opportunity to record and as there has been no “irreparable harm,” there is no reason to let her go from her contract to work with Dr. Luke.


How Strippers Are Fighting Exploitative Workplace Environments

Strippers in Las Vegas and elsewhere are pushing back against rules that make it harder for them to earn a living or file claims for sexual harassment.