High Season

We Asked the Greens if Their Legal Cannabis Push Is Just a 'Headline Grab'

Richard Di Natale: "There's no reason why we couldn't get this done in a year."
Maddison Connaughton
Australia Today

The Greens Want to Legalise Weed in Australia

Just in time for 4/20?
Maddison Connaughton
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Cynthia Nixon Just Dropped a Video About Legalising Weed in NY

Just in time for 4/20.
River Donaghey

How This Guy Plans to Be Europe's Biggest Weed Seller

Jonas Duclos has developed medicinal weed he claims is fun to smoke but also legal.
Vincent Vallon
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Sorry, You Can't Smoke Weed at Disney World

More like the unhappiest place on Earth.
Drew Schwartz
Weed Week

Legal Weed Is the Last Bipartisan Cause in America

On Capitol Hill, a few Democrats and Republicans are coming together to push for marijuana legalization. Do they have a shot?
Eve Peyser

Meet the Kiwi Steampunk Rocker Who Gave the World Synthetic Drugs

Matt Bowden tried creating legal drugs by changing the chemical structures of pre-existing illegal ones.
Hamilton Morris
Legal Weed in Australia

Victoria Just Harvested the Country's First Medicinal Marijuana Crop

The plants will be used to treat young epilepsy patients.
Katherine Gillespie
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Weed Is Officially a Billion-Dollar Industry in Colorado

The state sold $1.3 billion in recreational and medical marijuana in 2016, though experts think the boom will eventually level off.
Brian Moylan
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A Denver Deli Owner Is Making His Own Weed-Smoked Turkey

No, it doesn't get you high.
Brian Moylan
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You'll Be Able to Smoke from Hunter S. Thompson's Personal Weed Stash Soon

Guess we know what weed the guys in your English 201 class will be smoking.
Allison Tierney
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The Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Be Selling Legal Weed

It doesn't take rocket appliances to know that it's probably a good move.
Mack Lamoureux