Midnight Moment


Times Square’s Electronic Billboards Will Become Karaoke Screens This Month

For the latest Midnight Moment, Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte turns a karaoke performance of the song “Blue Moon” into surreal video art.


A Moving Painting Turns Times Square into a Psychedelic Canvas

For the latest of ‘Midnight Moment,' Cuban artist Emilio Perez animates one of his paintings inspired by America’s first trans-continental highways.


An Animated Sun Rises Over Times Square

Canadian new media artist Lorna Mills creates an animated looping sunrise for Times Square’s electronic billboards.


A Giant Cat is Taking Over Times Square

Fischli and Weiss bring a contemporary art cat video to the screens of Times Square.


[Exclusive] A Roaring Ocean in Times Square

When the clock strikes midnight, this month, artist Antony Nagelmann invites all of New York to join him on his ocean odyssey.


Times Square Is Now A Heat Sensitive Camera

From 11:57 PM to midnight every night this month, 'City Thermogram' turns NYC's electrical grid and the heat signatures of its inhabitants into gorgeous heat signature art.