Cops Arrested a Black Hospital Patient Who Was Taking a Walk Outside with an IV. They Thought He Was Stealing It.

"Come to Freeport on Vacation and leave on Probation" his Facebook post said


America Is Still Afraid of Heavy Metal

Two Native American metalheads were kicked off a campus tour last week by a white woman who feared their brown skin and black T-shirts. That fear is nothing new.


VICE Reporters Got Caught Up in Colombian Police Gunfire This Weekend

The government has apologized for the attack on international observers and journalists and put more than 100 National Police in the area on modified duty.


Six People Have Been Charged with Crimes Relating to the Hillsborough Disaster

They include David Duckenfield, who has been charged with the manslaughter of 95 people.


Minorities Are Still More Likely to Be Stopped by the NYPD

A new report found the city's stop-and-frisk rate has plummeted—but affects more people of color than whites.


What Went Wrong in the Case Against Walter Scott's Killer?

Reformers and experts point to the makeup of the jury and a history of police escaping accountability in America.


​Two Years After Ferguson, Missouri Cops Are Accused of Shaking Down the Poor

"I don't want to be a Michael Brown," one plaintiff in a new class-action lawsuit told us.


What Defense Will Walter Scott's Killer Use at His Trial?

Michael Slager was caught on video shooting unarmed black man Walter Scott as he fled. Here's what the ex-cop's lawyers are doing to try to spare him serious prison time.


Interactive Portals Take Viewers Inside the 'Broken Windows' Theory

New media artist Elizabeth Mputu explores “police brutality, surveillance, and resistance,” in a series of multimedia portals.


Residents of New York's 'Murder Ave' Explain How the City Got Safer

"Jay-Z fucked up the 'hood, I always said that—write that shit down. They didn't clean this shit up for us."


If All Lives Matter, Act Like It

The demonization of black victims and the lionization of law enforcement have to stop.


What We Know About the Baton Rouge Police Shooter

Gavin Eugene Long, also known as "Cosmo," was a former US Marine connected to a fringe political movement.