Prisoners Tell Us How Tommy Robinson Will Actually Be Treated in Jail

In short: the far-right agitator also known as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon probably doesn't need to worry about claiming asylum in the US.
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What Declaring a 'Climate Emergency' in the U.S. Would Actually Do

It would have no effect on policy, but some activists say it's a necessary part of a society-wide "paradigm shift."
Geoff Dembicki
4 days ago
Australia Today

A NSW Politician Broke His Arm While Arm-Wrestling the Attorney General

Victor Dominello suffered a fractured humerus after wrestling a colleague in his office during a lunch break.
Gavin Butler
Cartel Chronicles

Tired of Smuggling Humans Over the Border, Mexican Cartels Are Refocusing on Drugs

This does not bode well for overdoses in the U.S.
Deborah Bonello

Three Artists Tell Us What It’s Like To Be Queer, Muslim and Pakistani

Aziz Sohail, Abdullah Qureshi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr are working together to give more visibility to the voices from the LGBTQ community of their country.
Pallavi Pundir

What the Russian Media Thinks of HBO's 'Chernobyl'

"The producers probably think the audience are a bunch of illiterate, stupid idiots who won't ask any questions."
Marianna Prysiazhniuk
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Pakistan Fans Blame Burgers for Country’s Loss in World Cup Match Against India

How dare the cricket team eat burgers hours before the big game!
Pallavi Pundir
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Powerful Photos from the Hong Kong Protests

As many as two million people have rallied against a contentious extradition bill that would allow China to extradite people from Hong Kong to the mainland.
Gavin Butler

I Am a Queer Bhutanese, and My Country Is on Its Way to Scrapping Anti-LGBTQ Laws

“Bhutan has never had a pride parade, and never will because it’s not just the queer community who fights for us, it’s everyone in the country.”
Tashi Tsheten

The Strange Rise and Sudden Fall of the Florida Mayor Who Took on a SWAT Team

A disgraced doctor and alleged user of crack and meth managed to take over a city until he got caught. Somehow, that was just the beginning.
Francisco Alvarado

The Inside Story of Europe's First Narco-State

A young generation of Albanians are caught between organized crime's politics, rampant unemployment, and the fast cash of Class A drugs.
Monty Reed

The Best Photos from London’s Huge Anti-Trump Protest

Thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square for the "Carnival of Resistance" against the US president. Here's what we saw.
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