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More Data Shows How Completely Unreliable Sniffer Dogs Are

Their success rate is dismal, they’re expensive as hell, but the police and governments just keep backing them.


Rainbow Serpent Showed Sniffer Dogs Can't Keep Drugs Out of Music Festivals

"I was just hoping our car didn’t get searched... I was just going to down my stash if they did."


Why Is Australia Following America’s Lead Into a Hellish Drug War?

We’re filling our jails, hospitals, and rehab waiting lists. Fast.


Three NSW Police Officers Have Been Caught Trolling an Anti-Sniffer Dog Facebook Page

Sniff Off allows users to post alerts when they see police dog operations around Sydney. The page's administrators contacted us when officers were caught denying their whereabouts.


A Facebook Site Is Helping Sydney to Dodge Drug-Sniffing Dogs

The Sniff Off group is managed by activists who say that the use of the dogs results in too many false positives and violates citizens' rights.


Australia Needs to Talk About Drug Sniffing Dogs

While NSW police figures show exceedingly low drug conviction rates, some say they target minorities and may even lead to higher instances of overdose.


Australia's Best Failed Drug Smuggling Efforts of 2014

Wine casks and lava lamps are two of the more surprising ways people tried to bring drugs into Australia with last year.