the atl twins

    • 2.20.15

      Kate Nash's New York Fashion Week Diary

      Fashion week can be super weird and intimidating, but also really inspiring and amazing. Especially when you meet Whoopi.

    • 6.26.13

      'La Passione,' a Short Film by James Franco

      Here is the premiere of James Franco's new short film, La Passione. It's a decadent and beautifully shot trip that riffs on Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc, if it were shot on acid and starred the ATL Twins as demons.

    • 6.25.13

      Brand-Funded Films and the Trailer for 'La Passione'

      James Franco collaborated with Gucci to bring his mash-up vision of a Theodor Dreyer-style Joan of Arc with high fashion and motifs from the Day of the Dead to life. Check out the inaugural trailer for his crazy new short, La Passione, and read...

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