the parent trap


The Netflix Algorithm Wrote ‘The Princess Switch’ Which Is Why You Should Watch It

It’s the most derivative movie I’ve ever seen, pulling from Parent Trap, Princess Diaries, and those ultra-British baking shows.


Why Isn’t ‘The Parent Trap’ a Cult Classic?

Feeling nostalgic as the film turns 18th, Andy Hazel wonders why Lindsay Lohan's debut isn't in the same club as "Back to the Future" or "Stand By Me."


Lindsay Lohan Played Herself in Her London Stage Debut

This week, I attended the London production of Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet’s satirical take on the American movie business, which stars Lindsay Lohan as a mysterious girl with nothing to bank on except her sexuality.


Meet the Chinese Parents Who Go on Dates for Their Kids

The latest Shanghai Matchmaking Expo saw the introduction of a dedicated room for parents, designed to make it easier for them to swap their kids’ profiles. I decided to head to this area to see if it was helping China’s loveless legions find romance.