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South Korea Supplied Oil to North Korea and Didn’t Tell Anyone

The revelation comes amid a standstill on denuclearization talks between Washington and Pyongyang.
David Gilbert

Here's Fresh Evidence the Drug War Is a 'Horrific Failure'

"The international drug control system promised a world free of drugs, but has delivered the exact opposite."
Max Daly

Australia Considers Following Trump and Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described the controversial move as a "sensible" proposal.
Gavin Butler
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Unpacking the Devastating UN Report on Climate Change

If this report doesn't stress you out, nothing will.
VICE Staff
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Climate Apathy Is Worse Than Climate Denial

A new report makes the dangers of a warming planet more apparent than ever. Too bad the people running the US don't seem to care.
Harry Cheadle
Australia Today

Tiny Norfolk Island Is Fighting Australia's 'Recolonisation' at the UN

In 2015, Australia took control of the island, which lies about halfway between the mainland and New Zealand.
VICE Staff
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A Sydney Man Has Been Charged With Helping North Korea Sell Missiles

The 59-year-old was allegedly helping Pyongyang offload its weapons of mass destruction.
VICE Staff
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Surprise! Australia is Failing Its Terrible Climate Change Targets

We're bunking on our Paris Climate Summit promises and embarrassing ourselves in front of the UN.
Wendy Syfret

We Australians Love Our Terrible Expensive Cocaine

Our coke is pricey baking powder, but that doesn’t stop us snorting more than most of the world.
Wendy Syfret
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'Nuclear War May Break Out at Any Moment,' Says North Korea

"The entire US mainland is within our firing range."
River Donaghey
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The UN Will Hold Its First Meeting to Discuss Witchcraft-Related Violence

Every year, thousands of people are accused of witchcraft and face persecution, abuse, and even death. Now the United Nations is organizing to defend victims of witch hunts.
Caroline Kent
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UN Finds Indigenous Youth Are 'Punished for Being Poor'

Young Aboriginals are going to prison for behavior associated with being poor and bored, but not dangerous.
Katherine Gillespie