Your 2017 Guide to Cults and Fringe Religions


On the Tiny Pacific Island Where They Worship American Materialism

How the tiny Vanuatuan village of Tanna became devoted to a mythical American soldier named John Frum.


Wait a Minute, is Satanism Actually Really Great?

A weak but all-round enjoyable investigation.


Did a Japanese Cult Detonate a Nuclear Bomb in the Australian Desert?

We get to the bottom of what Aum Shinrikyo was and wasn't doing in Western Australia.


I Road-Tested Three Cults Around Melbourne

Am I a Moonie, a Scientologist, or a Hare Krishna?


Rare Photos From Jonestown, the Deadliest Cult in American History

A glimpse inside the lives of Jim Jones' 909 followers, before they "drank the Kool-Aid."


Meet Lizzy Rose, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Exorcist Mum

Spending an afternoon in the low key world of suburban exorcisms.


A Day With the Australian Couple Who Say They're Jesus and Mary

We talked a lot about self-assurance.


This Is How Cults Work

Ian Haworth, an ex-cult member, has been running the Cult Information Center since 1987. I caught up with him recently to get an insight into how a modern day cult operates.


How Cults Use YouTube for Recruitment

You can now unknowingly be recruited into a cult without leaving your home.


A Look Inside Australia's Most Notorious Cult, the Family

VICE Meets filmmaker Rosie Jones and journalist Chris Johnston who've been investigating the sect for years.


One Man's Interviews With the Cult Behind the Tokyo Gas Attack

Members of Aum Shinrikyo have been on death row since the 1990s and are impossible to interview. Unless you’re a US security adviser.


How Jim Jones Went from Civil Rights Leader to Cult Murderer

Before he was the notorious head of a murder-suicide cult, the Indiana preacher was a civil rights advocate and socialist.