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Dutch Man Accused of Sexually Harassing Amanda Todd Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

Aydin Coban is still facing separate cyberbullying charges in Canada.


Nova Scotia Underage ‘Sexting Ring’ Trial Will Test New Law

But parents of bullied teens who committed suicide say more preventative measures are needed.


Dutch Man Accused of Sexually Harassing Amanda Todd Prior to Her Suicide Could Be Extradited to Canada

The new court ruling means Aydin Coban could face charges of luring, extortion, and child porn possession in Canada.


Canada Needs to Catch Up to the Present with Cyberbullying Laws That Work

Today's Twitter harassment verdict shows the need for laws for the # generation.


The Woman from the Calgary Stampede Threesome Reminds Us That Women Can Do Whatever They Want

When women are caught being sexual on the internet, it's still up to them to find a way to control their own stories. No one thinks twice about the men.


How a 'Sextortionist' Went from Trolling Bieber Fan Pages to Being Sent to Prison for Child Pornography

What started as a relatively harmless ring of internet pranksters became a playground for a demented adult.


Canada’s New Cyberbullying Bill Will Give the Government Unnecessary Surveillance Superpowers

This week, the Conservative government’s controversial cyberbullying bill, C-13, is nearing the final stages of making its way into law. Here, Patrick McGuire posits that the problem with cyberbullying has less to do with a lack of surveillance powers...


The Conservatives Are Using Cyberbullying to Normalize Online Surveillance

A new law is being proposed that would supposedly crack down on "cyberbullies," but its language also targets terrorists and those who steal cable TV signals. This appears to be the latest trojan horse manoeuvre by Harper's government.


Will the Rehtaeh Parsons Case End Up Unresolved?

Rehtaeh Parsons has been dead for over two weeks. The RCMP have "reopened" the case but no arrests have been made. Will her case end up unresolved?


Inside Anonymous’s Operation to Out Rehtaeh Parsons’s Rapists

In the wake of Rehtaeh Parson's tragic suicide, Anonymous is threatening Nova Scotia's authorities. They say they will release the names of who they believe are the guilty parties that raped Rehtaeh. For their perspective, we spoke to an organizer of...


The RCMP Is Failing to Protect Teenage Girls

Rehtaeh Parsons, a teenage girl from Nova Scotia, was taken off life support on Sunday after a failed suicide attempt. Her mother believes being raped by four teenage boys led to her death. The RCMP has been unable to arrest anyone in connection to the...


Kody Maxson, Amanda Todd's Alleged Tormenter, Has Reemerged Online

Kody Maxson, the guy who won "Blackmailer of the Year" by a YouTube channel called The Daily Capper for his work exploiting a young girl, who has also been alleged by Anonymous to have tormented Amanda Todd to death, has popped back up on the internet.