A Man Got Trapped Inside a Concrete-Entombed Weed Shop

The city of Toronto put the concrete up outside the unlicensed dispensary only to tear it down again when they found out the man was inside.
Mack Lamoureux
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GREAT NEWS: You Can Now Pay $50 to Hang Out in a Cafe Full of Live Rats

“Cong-RATS, ladies and bRODENTS, all of your dreams will come true,” the Rat Bar’s event page says.
Jelisa Castrodale

This Cup of Coffee is Made with Two Eggs

Facing a milk shortage, one coffee shop owner in 1940s Vietnam whisked egg into his coffee as a substitute. We visited one Toronto café called Dak Lak where they hope to get people hooked on this rich alternative to your morning black coffee.
VICE Staff
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Suspect Allegedly Behind Viral Paris Catcall Attack Has Been Arrested

CCTV footage caught the harasser hitting a woman outside a cafe on her walk home from work.
Lauren Messman
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The Racist Podcaster Who Started a Neo-Nazi Coffee Company to Fund White Nationalism

A VICE investigation has revealed the identity of one of the hosts of Canada’s most popular neo-Nazi podcast and his attempt at building a neo-Nazi company.
Martin Patriquin
Mack Lamoureux
Alheli Picazo
Evan Balgord
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'Golden Girls' Fans May Finally Get Their Own Café

Bea Arthur's sassy ghost may finally find a place to rest.
VICE Staff

This Guy Wants to Open a Permanent “Death Cafe” for People to Talk About Dying

Jon Underwood has been hosting death cafes in the basement of his home since 2011, but now he wants to run one full-time.
Kelsey Osgood

An Australian Cafe Is No Longer Accepting Cash Kept in Sweaty Bras

The owner of Fascine Coffee Lounge says the controversial decision not to take money that customers pull out of swimsuits, bras, and undies is a matter of hygiene.
Wendy Syfret

We Spoke to the Anonymous Activist who Helped Ban MRAs from Toronto Pride

Activists who call out MRA groups have faced online harassment and worse, but Emma R's campaign put pressure on Pride to make a decision about their inclusion in the queer festival.
Neha Chandrachud

Get an Espresso and an Exorcism at Bangkok's Premiere Witchcraft Cafe

Created by Wine Kongsorn and Nat Maitreemit to give the Thai Wiccan community a place to gather, Ace of Cups features spells, rituals, and cakes that match your astrological sign.
Laurel Tuohy

MRA Group Attacks Ontario's Anti-Sexual Violence Campaign with an Idiotic Billboard

Men's rights activists are upset about the province's new sexual violence campaign, which we all could have predicted.
Neha Chandrachud

A Reddit Thread Claims a Hookah Lounge in Los Angeles Banned Jews

Users on Reddit and Yelp claimed that a hookah lounge in the middle of an LA neighborhood filled with Persian Jews was a den of bigotry. The internet lies.
Charles Davis